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 The Language of Art


Instructor: Mary Kilbreath


This mandatory introduction to the Gerber Methodology of learning art is imperative to establishing the tools necessary for learning how to produce a painting.

Using the vocabulary of art enables the student to verbally describe what they are trying to technically achieve on the canvas. 

The student will work from life, projections and reference.

Focus is on technical skills and language of art.

The student learns critical thinking skills to analyze and solve their creative problems.

Weekly classes include sharing of ideas, trouble-shooting, positive reinforcement and the language of art, all of which will further the understanding of the painting process.





  • An artistic vocabulary
  • Principles of design and composition
  • Color theory and perception
  • Drawing with a brush
  • Importance of a good reference
  • Tools and Material



The Life Figure

Tuesday Afternoon | 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Instructor: Larry Gerber


In this figure drawing class you will learn to both focus on proper proportions of the figure and how to render the figure.

You will learn how to translate rendering into line drawing.

You will learn how the mechanics of movement are used to create well – balanced gestures that illustrate a variety of moods.

The grace, beauty and importance of the gesture are emphasized to enable the student to elicit and convey a mood to the viewer.

Anatomy will be emphasized.

The study of the psychology of the figure and its importance in art and art history will be discussed.

Lectures discussing how other artist’s styles have evolved and their interpretation of the figure are planned.

Demos included. We will have a live model every week.




 Advanced Painting

Thursday Afternoon | 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Instructor: Larry Gerber


This class is  for students who have achieved a high level of excellence, advanced knowledge and technical skills. 

A command of the language of art and an understanding of how language is incorporated within the painting process is a prerequisite.

We will be working on our concepts and designs. There will be focus on stronger composition.

We will discuss the importance of personal self-expression in our art. What is it we want to say or achieve in our art? 

By way of introduction to other great artists through art history, we will learn how artistic styles evolve.

To maximize the “visual cartography”, we will work on preparatory drawings to organize your paintings. Color understanding will be emphasized.

Admission to this class is at teacher’s discretion.

Portfolio review is necessary for new students.



  • Self-expression
  • How to manipulate your brush
  • Design and Composition
  • Mood
  • Varied Palettes





All Level Painting

Wednesday Afternoon | 12 noon – 3:30 pm

Instructor: Mary Kilbreath


This all level painting class is designed to further your artistic abilities.

Focus is on enhancing your sense of composition, understanding color theory, and improving your overall painting technique. 

Language of art will be emphasized.

Class critiques will enable you to verbalize creative problem solving, use critical thinking skills and improve artistic vocabulary. 

Curriculum will include reinforcement of knowledge and fine tuning of technical skills.

Emphasis in the reference you use will be on good composition and lighting.

References can be supplied if you do not have good, clear reference photographs.



  • The importance of reference
  • Traditional Painting Methods
  • Balancing the entire painting
  • Composition and Design
  • Laying Down Masses