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When I took my first art class, I had never had formal Art training. What good fortune to land in a class taught by Larry Gerber. He is quite obviously a talented artist, but his ability to pass that knowledge on to his students is what makes him a truly remarkable instructor. He teaches the language of art and the mechanics for bringing a painting to life. Those skills lead to meaningful critiques that never fail to add to your knowledge and ability as an artist. Larry is constantly challenging himself to improve and we benefit as he learns new techniques and approaches. To date, my painting is a hobby that delights my family and me, but you never know where Larry’s gentle urgings will lead you….

Beth Hartigan


Larry Gerber is a” true teacher” first and he conveys his knowledge and expertise to his students during every session. His comments and instructions are meant to make his students maximize their artistic potential. I have studied with Larry for many years and appreciate all his input. I feel that any student, regardless of their past experience, can greatly improve under Larry’s guidance.

Linda Botwinick


The GerberArt School is absolutely the best art school that I have ever attended and Larry is tops when it comes to teaching art. I have taken many courses in art and this is the first time I have actually been taught how to and why to.

Phil Sydell


I have been painting for over 20 years. Although I consider myself to be a very prolific painter, I have always taken workshops and classes. I feel that an artist can always learn something new to help in the creative process. I have been studying with Larry for about 6 years and he has definitely taken me to another level. I approach my paintings differently and solve my problems with less difficulty. His expertise as an artist is brought to his class and he always has a solution to a problem. His class has given me a sense of camaraderie with fellow artists. We can brainstorm together during his group critiques, which are very helpful during the process. It is an environment of creativity as well as fun!

Bonnie Perlin


Larry Gerber has an amazing gift for teaching all levels of painting. As a novice, I entered his class, intimidated by the high level of Larry’s students’ achievements. He has guided and taught me in a way that has kept me eager and excited for more. I have progressed beyond what I ever thought possible. I have won an International Competition and was published in an arts magazine. I have exhibited my work in a long established, prestigious gallery. Without Larry, none of this would have been possible. With his skillful guidance, I am living my dream. Many thanks Larry, you’re the best!

Mary Kilbreath


Larry Gerber is a very diligent, helpful source of teaching for me. I have learned much from him and have reached new heights in my work beyond my expectations. He has always been an even keeled teacher and one with admirable patience. He is truly interested in improving each student’s abilities and he makes Art School something to look forward to. Larry Gerber has the extraordinary ability to synthesize and cut away the fat to get to the precise approach (which is different for each of us) and it’s truly amazing and gratifying for me as his student.

Leonard Thun


From my “fledgling art” beginning, through and including my exhibiting and award winning work, Larry instructed and guided me with his expertise and unique teaching style. Every step of the way, in foundations, color theory, painting and figure drawing, he taught me with clarity, patience, understanding and his ever- present sense of humor. The caliber of Larry’s teaching, his generosity of spirit and his commitment to all his students goes above and beyond the norm. Learning with Larry makes the creative process a joyful one and I would highly recommend any class or workshop he gives. I have gained insight, perspective and a body of critical knowledge that I can always apply.

Nina Motta


I have been a painter for 25 years. Now, I am an artist. This transition was made possible by the teachings of Larry Gerber. His dedication to teaching is almost super human. His gift is that he has an amazing eye for color and this has taught me how to “see”. I now see color inside even blacks and whites that I have never seen before. He approaches the canvas with a simple dark vs. light concept and then he trains your eye to pull out the image slowly, while constantly redrawing. To watch him mixing the perfect color on a palette is no less than watching a famous conductor. Among his other gifts is his “Language of Art” which he has taught me how to speak. I now consider it my second language. There are a lot of teachers but he is a Great Teacher, a patient teacher, a giving teacher; one who encourages and inspires, who is humble and who is admired by all his lucky students.

DeS Rispoli


I love Larry’s method of teaching. He makes the classes fun and relaxed. I have learned so much and I am still learning.

Mary Janes Dadulak


What’s very important is that our classes are fun, filled with creative energy and the students are committed to their art. This is why the small studio class size with Larry Gerber is so crucial. Even more important is being with Larry Gerber. His energy, direction, dedication, knowledge, talent, and enthusiasm for us and his own art work, creates an environment for us all to grow.

Deanna Wheeler


I thought I had it all. Good family. Good fortune. Good health. Good hobbies. Then I found ART with Larry Gerber.  A new awakening… never lonely, never bored, always a challenge and so rewarding. Now I’ve Got it All!!

Anita Chachkin


Larry Gerber has been my painting teacher for 8 years. Wow, times flies when you’re having fun! I had drawn but not painted before I met Larry. He introduced me to realism. At first I painted with acrylic paints but now I paint almost exclusively with oils. He helped me transition into oils. Currently Larry is encouraging me to explore impressionism. In class, Larry is there beside me to show me new ideas and techniques. He is a teacher who knows how to bring out the best in his students.

Leslie Zimmer

I started painting a few years ago and had the great luck of meeting Larry. Larry has taught me to see color in a way I have never done; to observe the direction of light and it’s effects; to recognize shapes; to realize the importance of composition and technique. The process of making art has been so rich with Larry. I am having a wonderful experience -  still learning, eager to absorb more of his artistry and happy to be participating in his classes.

Romy Klein


Many years ago when I started art classes in South Florida, I was lucky to be a participant in a class with Larry as instructor. I have been with him since that time and continue learning with him at the GerberArt School. Larry has been a very patient, helpful teacher, who always lets his students express themselves in their own style but with a clear understanding of all the basics. I love being in class with so many talented people and I hope that I can learn from them. Thank you Larry for all your help.

Ann Kennedy

Larry Gerber has built an incredible art curriculum designed to give his students the language and techniques they need to see the world and create art.  He orchestrates an energy in his classes that is built upon his expertise and the input of  talented groups of students.  Inject into this scenario Larry’s extraordinary sense of humor.   This is an opportunity to learn from a gifted artist and teacher who stimulates us, makes us laugh, and awes us as we students see the progress we have made in our work.  And–there is no extra charge for the entertainment!

Jo-Ann Sanders

Larry Gerber is an extremely talented artist, but more importantly to me, he is a great teacher. I never took an art class until I started with Larry in his foundations class where he taught the language of art. From that basis, I was able to realize a potential I never thought possible. Unlike many other artists who hold classes, Larry actually teaches using those basic concepts so that his students can grasp his meaning and continuously improve their work. He holds class critiques and encourages the students to learn from each other. Attending classes at the GerberArt School is a joy I look forward to every week.

 Randi Faris


Having always loved art and recognizing my strong desire to paint, five years ago I summoned up the courage to take a class. Good fortune led me to Larry Gerber. Not only is he a great artist with an amazing wealth of knowledge, I believe his greatest gift is his ability to teach and develop talent. I’ve learned the language of art in Larry’s classes and now see the world differently. The subtleties of light, shadow, shape, and color all take on a whole new meaning. Something special happens when you walk into Larry’s class.  As if he were orchestrating an artistic symphony, Larry guides with all the right ingredients.  That is why once you start with Larry, you stay with Larry.

Lorraine Martignetti

Larry is a brilliant teacher. His teaching methods are very effective……. Just LISTEN to what he says and follow through and you will produce better paintings. If you are a beginner, you will learn to paint the correct way. Larry is also incredibly patient and very funny too.

I highly recommend his classes.

Louise MacDonald