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Artist Statement

Eclectic reflections


My paintings, or glimpses into life, are a direct reflection of the eclectic nature and landscape of our society. I strive through my art, to express a view of life as seen, perceived and experienced by me. The passions and emotions elicited are captured and frozen in time by the union of the artist to the canvas so the viewer’s emotions transcend to that moment.

My paintings are a compilation of color and abstract form that create the illusion of realism. Each painting is an individual expression of my feelings, providing a unique insight into the soul and psyche of the artist.

I cannot nor do I care to separate myself from the expression of emotions during the time of creation of the artwork. This marriage of the subject matter, my interpretation and the calling forth of emotions are the very fabric of art itself. These paintings serve as a diary of my life’s journey.

My brushwork is my signature.


Larry A. Gerber